Saintfield District ShowSaturday 08th August 2020 
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New Location for 2018 News

Glenbrook Farm on the Lough Road, Boardmills

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Working Hunters Section

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Head of Section:

Mrs Donna Spiers

Mervyn Sherlock   (Assistant Head of Section)





Working Hunters Explained

“At the end of the day, you are striving for the Judge to say ‘I want to take that horse home’,” (Louise Bell)

Working Hunter competitions were first introduced to simulate the attributes required by horse and rider on the traditional hunting field, hence their name. It really started as way of giving hunters something to do in the summer ready for the new season. Gracefulness, balance and coordination are required of your horse in this event. The event incorporates two phases:

Phase 1: To jump an inviting course of natural looking fences built by an excellent course builder Mr David McClurg– the judges are not only looking for the horse to jump a clear round, but also mark riders and horses on their style of jumping, flow of strides and balance. Precision, style and presence are important criteria.

Phase 2: The horse and rider combinations then progress into a second arena. The judges are assessing every aspect of the horse and its rider. The horse is judged on its conformation (physique), movement and behaviour (manners). The rider is judged on his or her turnout. The judge is looking for perfection from both horse and rider.